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About Lexi Beermann

Lexi Beermann is a nationally recognized dog behaviorist and canine well-being expert specializing in highly customized training programs. Lexi’s unique and full service curriculums have established her as one of the foremost professionals in her field and created a loyal following that includes several Fortune 500 executives as well as numerous high profile clients across America.
Lexi’s programs are unique in their focus on facilitating stronger, clearer communication between dogs and owners by using actual language syllabuses to condition desired behaviors that match each owner’s specific lifestyle needs. By immediately identifying each dog’s specific issues and needs, Lexi’s programs make the process of integrating a puppy into a household easier and more efficient, a process that can oftentimes be more difficult than integrating a baby. Using her innate ability to understand the secret language of dogs via their behavior, Lexi has established an incredibly successful business with an impressive 95% “no accidents” success rate.
Born and raised in New York City, Lexi studied oil painting at Davidson College where she received a BA in Fine Arts. The child of two successful entrepreneurs, soon after graduation she founded her first business, a jewelry company Neckisses by Lexi, in Venice, California where she lived with her first English bulldog, Lyle.
Lexi had grown up with dogs but Lyle was her first. Studying everything she could about training dogs and shaping their behavior, she soon learned the art of non-verbal communication. Walking down Abbot Kinney Boulevard one day, Lyle serendipitously learned to skateboard. Though generally averse to walking, the moment Lyle got on a skateboard, he had found his preferred mode of transportation. Seeing his passion for the sport, Lexi identified her true passion for helping Lyle (and other dogs) learn how to be the best they can be.
Lexi and Lyle were soon hired by Natural Balance Pet Foods to join their promotional team of skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding bulldogs. They participated in high profile events across the country including the Rose Bowl Parade, the Winter Olympics, multiple Major League Baseball “Bark in the Park” events as well as appearances with The Mets, Dodgers, Rangers, Angels and Giants.
In response to numerous inquiries from pet owners, Lexi is currently developing an online education platform where she will share her expertise in online video courses.
Lexi and her famous dogs, along with Natural Balance Pet Foods, and fellow professional canine athlete Tillman, have appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS, FOX, ESPN, Fuel TV and in premier print publications including The Hollywood Reporter, InStyle and People. Lexi and the Natural Balance team also starred in the reality TV show "Who Let the Dogs Out" which aired on Animal Planet and The Hallmark Channel. 


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