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Rates & Packages

Basic Rates

Initial consultation: $650 – 1.5 hour consultation - Depending on the developmental stage of your dog, Lexi will meet with you to assess your needs and goals for training. You’ll express any concerns you may be having, and Lexi will ask you a series of question to get to know how you and your dog are relating. You’ll need to let Lexi know all the nuances and behaviors your dog is expressing, so she can gain a full picture of what might be causing your dog to have issues that need tweaking. She’ll make the initial assessment through an interactive “get to know you” session with you and your dog. And, provide you with a thorough report with a specific training program for you to follow. By following the initial recommendations you will be able to fix your dog's issues. Should you require additional help with the custom program, Lexi is available to assist you further. 

Subsequent training sessions: $300 per hour – sessions last about an hour, give or take. Following training sessions, Lexi will email a session re-cap with tips, techniques and a progress report which outlines the program for the week ahead that you will follow until the next session.

Weekly Adult Dog Boot Camp Rate

Live-In Boarding +Training: $5,500 6 nights/7 days.

Instead of uprooting your adult dog from it's home routine and placing it in a boarding facility or kennel, have Lexi live-in your house with your pet while you are out of town. Your pup can also stay in-house with Lexi at hers. Either way, Lexi will implement your dog's daily routine, but also, create a boot-camp schedule where she will work on training fundamentals, and correct any unwanted behaviors or bad attitudes that might have cropped up in older dogs. It's the perfect way to correct any unwanted behaviors, and re-calibrating any training fundamentals that you and your dog have gotten lazy working on. Owners can head out of town knowing their dog is in their own home, getting one on one attention from a pro. Lexi will also focus on fun activities like sports & agility, language & communication, and prey drive tricks & commands. Lexi will also assess the emotional state of your dog and work with them break down any learning or development blocks causing separation anxiety or stress. You'll come home to your calm and happy baby, whose ready to be a very good dog! (adult dogs are considered 2 years and older).

Weekly Puppy Boot Camp Rate

Weekly Live-In Training: $5,500 (6 nights/7days). Lexi will stay with your puppy, or your puppy will stay with Lexi at HQ, for weekly boot camp training sessions, while the owner gets a break from the routine of a new puppy. Depending on the developmental stage of the puppy, the focus will be on housebreaking, crate training, feeding schedules, leash training, and obedience training. Identifying which activities and passions the puppy naturally enjoys, Lexi will figure out the proper exercise regimen and work on basic communication skills so the puppy can focus and listen in a calm manner. She handles vet visits, spay and neutering appointments. By following the owner’s manual Lexi prepares at the end of the boot camp, the puppy will be more relaxed, focused and happy because the fundamentals of training have been set. In most bootcamp cases, owners come home to a totally transformed puppy. 

Please call for 2 week and monthly rates. 

Puppy Whispering Day Rate

Puppy Training Day Rate: $1000 (All periods of time during the day when puppy is awake - 6 hours). This is a great option for owners who want to be hands on with training their puppy, but, need the expertise of a professional puppy Whisperer to spend long periods of time throughout a day working with you and your dog. Puppy's have boundless energy, which, if not focused can manifest into needy, anxious, or annoying behaviors. Because a puppy yearns for your approval and affection, it can be difficult for owners to find the right balance between giving love and affection without spoiling or allowing emotional attachments to prevent proper training. Often owners "feel bad" setting the boundaries a puppy needs, and most problems set in quickly because of this. Lexis will balance pups energy by finding the right allocation of time spent between obedience training, exercise and agility, and communication. So by the end of the day your puppy will feel happy and calm, ready to receive your love and affection without needy or anxious expressions. It's a day of tough love, but, it works and Lexi will give you all the tools s you can follow what you learned and apply it everyday.

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