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Puppy Dog Concierge

Puppy Dog Concierge Services

Lexi and her qualified team of canine care experts will help you source and secure everything you need to welcome home your new puppy or dog. There are so many aspects to bringing home a new dog, or even caring for an old dog,  Lexi will make sure your experience with your dog is effortless and easy. One of the most common reasons people hesitate to bring home a dog is because they realize "how much work it is", well, fret no more. Lexi will develop, manage and implement a program for you and your dogs to follow. Having structure and around the clock care and supervision, makes the precious time you spend with your dog perfect. 

Services offered on a monthly retainer basis are:

Breeder sourcing and puppy selection, Puppy Nurse (see section for details), behavioral training, travel and transportation of your dog including health certificates and passport for foreign travel acquisition, Rescue dog integration, medical and vet appointments, Chauffeur services to and from day care or grooming/vet appointments, Pet care and sitter sourcing, food and nutrition, agility and exercise programs, specialty sports training like surfing, dock diving, or other specialty dog sporting activities, media training, purchasing toys, food, clothing, bedding. 

Please call for monthly pricing. 

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