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Walking & Fitness

Monthly and yearly packages available based on clients and dogs needs.

Believe it or not, it’s important to give your dog fun and new experiences that will add passion to their everyday routine. Lexi offers a specialized dog walking service as part of her belief that training is a lifetime commitment that evolves as dogs develop and mature. Even well-trained dogs, should continue to be challenged in positive ways, so their natural instincts are expressed. That is what makes a dog happiest. Walking is a daily part of any dogs routine, and, Lexi believes that by making routine walks more stimulating, dogs will have an opportunity to enjoy life in a more diverse way. The dog walking programs are designed to accommodate your dog’s overall health, fitness and well-being regime.

Each walk is an hour long where Lexi focuses on exercise, agility, socialization, positive play, and leash etiquette. She’ll also take your pet to new environments, like stores, restaurants, public spaces, dog parks, in a car, and more, so that your dog learns how to behave in a variety of situations. It's an organic training method that has proven to successful time and time again. Walks become more like training adventures where your dog will have fun exploring and learning. Dogs are returned home with calm, balanced energy which further allows for basic discipline fundamentals to manifest at home. More focused energy, means less destructive tendencies. And, you no longer have to stress when you and your dog go out into the world together. Lexi will teach them how to be “cool”.

Many owners allow their dogs to behave in an out of control manner on walks because a dog’s energy can be off the charts bonkers, if they have been indoors all day. Especially apartment dogs living in a big city.  These dogs can get over-stimulated when it comes time for their walk because they are just so excited to get out and have fun. And, Owners often have a more difficult time negotiating with their dog on walks, and give up before the dog has burned the necessary energy, which basically begins a never ending cycle where dogs and owners aren’t getting what they need from each other. The more a dog is exposed to the world with their trainer, the better they will behave with you. It's that simple!

Media Training

If you’d like your dog to become a working, performing dog (TV, Film, Print, and or Service) Lexi can advise owners on what steps you’ll need to take. She can assist you in fine-tuning your dog’s talent, sport, trick or agility, and help you take your routine to the next level. In addition, Lexi will teach you the tricks of the trade – what to bring with you to set, how to motivate your dog should they shut down on set. And, inform you of the laws, practices, and safety procedures within the industry. She can also help handle bookings, read and negotiate contracts with production companies, so you feel safe and confident when bringing your dog onto a new job. Lexi will also keep your dog in her personal roster of talent, so she can refer jobs to you if appropriate to your dog’s talent.


Skateboarding Bulldog Parties

Children of all ages love dogs – especially a skateboarding bulldog! Lexi’s dog Wally is an adorable English bulldog who is one of the skateboarding dogs for Natural Balance Pet Foods team of canine athletes. Together they have been featured in an Animal Planet TV show in 2012 called "Who Let the Dogs Out" www.wholetthedogsout.tv and continue to film Season 2 where Wally learns to surf, snowboard, paddle board amongst other sports.

Invite a famous, skateboarding dog to your party! Wally will skate for kids; do magic tricks, sign Pawtographs, and take photos with kids. He is gentle, well-mannered and loving around kids of all ages. Wally will arrive before guests and say hi to the VIP Birthday boy or girl.

FEE: $800 Appearance Fee

VIP Care

As much as we never want to face the fact that dogs too can have health problems, sometimes our puppies and dogs get sick. health issues can be stressful and emotional on both dogs and owners. This is a very specialized service that is handled on a case by case basis. Lexi has gone through the loss of her beloved first dog, Lyle, and knows first-hand how painful and unexpected many dog health issues can be. Lexi has worked closely with Animal Hospitals on both coasts, and has an amazing pool of the nation’s top vets and specialists on hand to advise you to taking the right action plan as you navigate these confusing waters. Lexi not only offers counseling to owners suffering from the loss of a pet, but, will hold your hand to understand, face and accept the medical inevitable that sometimes occurs. Luckily, many times treatment and physical therapy plans save lives, and Lexi also offers help handling all logistics such as hospital paperwork and procedures, transportation, and post-op at home care . She will stand by you and your dog as a support system throughout recovery.

Rate determined on a case by case basis.


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